We all dream of finding an effective way to sell our art online– and many artists do. But you may have already encountered this problem:

The majority of the time when you post your art for sale on a new online platform, nothing happens.

Now this wouldn’t be such a big deal if you hadn’t spent hours getting your digital files ready, uploading them, filling in new artwork descriptions, and setting up a profile on yet another art sales website.

When nothing happens, you’ve wasted hours or days of time you could have been creating in the studio. This often fruitless process has left more than a few artists feeling hopeless about selling through online platforms at all.

There are simply too many sales websites to choose from and you don’t have the time to test out every single one to see which work for you and have the best terms.

The Solution: We’re building a portfolio that allows you to post all your work to the best art sales platforms and sites like WordPress all from one place with a few clicks of a button.

All you have to do is create an ArtSquare Portfolio, upload your work one time, and then flip a switch to post your work where you want around the internet.

We’re releasing the portfolios shortly and starting with four or five integrations to art sales websites. And every week we’ll be adding more integrations based on requests from artists like you.

If the idea of using one portfolio to post your work for sale across the web sounds like a life-saver, sign up here and you’ll be the first to know when ArtSquare Portfolios are released in the coming days.