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    30 Day Artist Challenge


    This course is 100% about providing you focused daily directives to face your fears and do the work necessary to generate momentum selling your artwork. Order Now.

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    This seven day intensive walks you through the fundamentals of selling as a creative. We discuss pricing, negotiating commissions, contracts, and various strategies for getting a buyer to close on your work.Order Now.


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    Learn how many pieces you’ll make this year, and how you should price them based on your revenue goals. Order Now.

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    We lay out everything you need to know to quickly become an email marketing expert and start connecting with your fans. Order Now.

sell art online
The new, easier way to sell art online
March 28, 2017

We all dream of finding an effective way to sell our art online– and many artists do. But you may have already…

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selling art
You Only Need These 3 Things to Make a Living Selling Art
August 4, 2016

Having worked on the art market and with artists for a few years now, I’ve come to one simple conclusion about…

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target audience
How understanding your target audience helps you sell more art
July 15, 2016

As an artist, your time is precious. Not only are you a one person marketing team, accountant, designer, sales person, and…

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Why you need to set goals for your art business
July 11, 2016

Join our 30 day artist challenge for help setting and achieving your goals As an artist entrepreneur, the first step (even…

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email list
Webinar: How to Grow Your Email List (and sell more art)
June 29, 2016

Get access to all of our newest art business webinars and podcasts   Subscribe to our new art business podcast Show…

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art business
The biggest mistake artists make in their art business
June 27, 2016

As artist entrepreneurs, the biggest mistake we can make is to do nothing. To shut ourselves off, to not try, to…

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Instagram for artists
Instagram for Artists: How to use Instagram to sell more art
June 9, 2016

Want to learn more about selling your art and growing an Instagram audience? Subscribe to the Jumpstart Artist Podcast and we’ll…

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email marketing
Artist’s Guide to Email Marketing
May 16, 2016

An email list can be one of the most powerful tools in an artist’s tool belt. You’ve probably heard it over…

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plan for art business
How to Create a Simple and Sustainable Plan for Your Art Business
May 12, 2016

If you want more help building a sustainable art career, subscribe to the Jumpstart Artist Podcast here! ASK A QUESTION  …

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selling art prints
3 ways to make a residual income selling art prints
May 11, 2016

More than likely, you’re aware how selling prints of your artwork can be a helpful boost to your art business. They…

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