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artist-bruce-gray“Apparition (43x96x6) is an abstract modern mixed metals wall sculpture by Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray. This 8 foot wide large scale sculpture is made up of various shapes of 3/16 inch pieces in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. This wall mounted sculpture has multiple overlapping levels which create fantastic negative spaces and shadows. It was commissioned for a private residence in 2007. Weight : 170 pounds. (Completed in 2008)”

“I was working as an art director/graphic designer in Boston and really liked it, but felt like I needed to somehow do my own thing. I went on a trip down to North Carolina to do some windsurfing and ponder my options for the future. A week went by, and I needed more time, so I kept driving south and stopped in New Orleans, then Corpus Christie, Texas, then said what the hell, I’ve never been to Mexico, and continued to drive all the way to Mexico City. At some point during this trip I decided to try to become an artist, so I drove back home to Boston and started to pack. Shortly after I moved out to Los Angeles and started making my own sculptures in 1989, which I have been doing full time ever since.”

“It makes me happy to see my ideas exist in front of me, especially in 3D.”

“I am like an art monk. I work 6-7 days a week, and haven’t taken a vacation in about 25 years. I am totally addicted to making art. I also have an endless list of ideas for sculptures I want to make, and I want to get as many done as possible in my lifetime.”

“I’d like to see the human race grow the hell up, and get beyond our short sighted, greedy, hostile ways. People always tell me that my work makes them smile every time they see it. I think that’s a great start. I also like to support environmental and animal protection groups.”

Fun. Upbeat. Colorful. Metal. Diverse.

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